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Forex End Of Day Trading Ends “Market Slavery”


While most people get involved in Forex trading for the wealth and freedom it can create… just as many people become “Market Slaves” and lose their valuable free time with little or no compensation.  Forex End Of Day Trading can end market slavery while still producing potentially life changing profits.  Yes, Forex trading can be profitable in less than 10 minutes a day!

When we first think about becoming Forex traders, most of us suffer from delusions.  We think we are going to open up our charts in the morning and immediately find a perfect trade with tight stop loss and high profit potential.  Then the trade will quickly go in our favor and end in massive profits.  Basically, we should be able to make a ton of money before breakfast… and then go about our day.

But the truth is, Intraday trading is very difficult and much more time consuming and stressful than you may imagine.  Here are some of the problems an Intraday trader faces…

  • Random market noise due to being on lower time frames
  • News announcements creating major price spikes
  • Managing multiple charts at the same time looking for trades
  • Getting into more trades due to low take profit levels
  • Accepting more losses due to placing many trades with lower accuracy
  • Spending many hours staring at the charts, looking for trades or managing trades
  • Trading at all hours of the day and night
  • Constantly fighting the emotions of greed and fear

Forex End Of Days SignalsThe irony is, we get into trading to create more money, time and freedom for ourselves so we can improve the standard of our lives.  In the end, we become SLAVES to the market and spend less time with the people we care about or doing the activities we enjoy.  Everything you do, from sleep to eating to going to grocery store becomes dictated by the market.

Being a “Market Slave” not only dominates your time and controls your lifestyle… it changes you as a person as well.  Your happiness becomes linked to your performance in the market.  You go from extreme euphoria when you are winning to deep depression when you are losing.

And as the stress builds, you suddenly realize you are not happy at all
and the profits you make are not worth the effort it takes to make them.

Intraday trading turns into the worst job of your life.  And while you are your own boss… the uncompromising market is what controls every aspect of your working and non-working life.  To make matters worse, you have to constantly struggle to stay ahead while your paychecks are not guaranteed.

Changing to Forex End Of Day Trading requires a fundamental shift in thinking.  You need to start thinking like an INVESTOR instead of an EMPLOYEE.  Investors let their money do the work… which frees up time and allows you to get off the emotional and financial roller-coaster ride of Intraday trading.

Freeing yourself from becoming a “Market Slave” is the biggest benefit of Forex End Of Day Trading… but it also makes more sense from a strictly trading standpoint.  End of day, set and forget style trading becomes systematic and something that works in the background of your life… not something that dominates every aspect of your life.  And it can be just as profitable, if not more so, than spending hours in front of the charts struggling to make a profit.

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